About CHIP

CHIP’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people who live, learn, work, and play in our community.  We collaborate with partners across our community to implement, update and evolve east Jefferson County’s Community Health Improvement Plan.  Through the alignment, integration, collaboration and tracking CHIP facilitates, we hope to collectively impact east Jefferson County residents’ physical, behavioral and social well-being. 

CHIP is currently leading collective efforts to update the 2016 Plan while concurrently executing the 2016 priorities of chronic disease prevention & healthy living, immunization, access to care, and behavioral health.  The CHIP Update is slated to be completed in 2021.   

Meet Our Directors

Lori Fleming

Lori Fleming is a versatile leader, strategist, funding facilitator and project director who, throughout her career, has brought the inspired creativity of corporate, non-profit, private, governmental and community stakeholders into a shared reality. 

John Nowak

John has been involved with the Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Plan from the start. He helped develop the plan’s priorities based on the community health assessment. John helped form and develop the plan for the four teams that worked on the improvement plans. He was the facilitator for the access team. John was one of the five co-authors of the final plan. 

“Some of our community members are at least an hour from any type of medical care.  Poverty can make that hour seem impossible. CHIP stepped in to help us bridge this gap, particularly in the area of mental health.  Now in the upcoming school year our students will enjoy much-needed, high-quality, on-site mental health resources, just like the rest of Jefferson County.”

-Trish Beathard
Superintendent, Brinnon School District