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Recovery Café Efforts Heating up in Jefferson County

Recovery Cafés are communities. We’re local people who have lived with and beside addiction, homelessness, mental illness, and other life challenges. We’re people who care about one another. We’re people who are learning to know ourselves as loved. We’re your neighbors.

The Recovery Café model began in Seattle, grew to more than a dozen other cities from coast to coast and in between, and has been acclaimed nationally for its unique success at anchoring people in sustained, healthy recovery.

A lot of practical work goes on at the Recovery Café. We provide tools and guidance so that members can access housing, education, employment, and social and health services. We learn together how to create and sustain healthy relationships.

At the Café we welcome people wherever they are on their journeys, recognizing that there’s a wide spectrum of care and honoring multiple pathways to recovery.  We emphasize both short and long term management of mental and physical health, which could explain why so many Recovery Café members around the USA have been able to maintain long-term sobriety.

Believing that belonging to strong communities is essential to full living, we work to form lasting bonds. We celebrate as individuals reclaim their lives and see themselves as worthy of giving and receiving love.

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